In partnership with Palapala Networks LLC we provide high-quality website hosting services, emphasizing performance, reliability, security and support.

Performance and Reliability: Working with world-class Network Operations Centers (NOCs), our system administrators work 24x7x365 to ensure uptime and fast, reliable data transfers. Redundancy is high, with regular backups that can be quickly restored if needed.

Security: In this age of hackers, phishers and other online threats, we take your security very seriously. We require SSL encryption and strong secure passwords for all of our client services (website, email and otherwise). We continuously monitor and respond to online attacks and participate in various anti-hacking collaborations. We stay up-to-date on the latest security threats and best practices. We use security plug-ins on all our WordPress installations. And we educate our clients about how to protect themselves. This not only means that each client is best protected, but also the risk of any client breach affecting other clients is minimized.

Support: We offer personalized support to our clients to ensure that you are getting the best service possible for your needs, and we have long-standing relations with our NOC support team so we can quickly respond to any larger issues that may arise.

Website hosting also includes custom domain email accounts and email lists.

Domain registration can also be provided.

Please support local business and host your website with Serve Hawaii!

Current clients include dozens of local nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and Hawaiian culture and sovereignty sites.